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Community Corrections

DSCFWelcome to the Lake County Community Corrections web page. Our office is also commonly referred to as the Adult Probation and Parole Department. Under the direction of the County Board of Commissioners, Community Corrections promotes public safety and strives to reduce recidivism through a balance of supervision,  services, and sanctions.

As an active partner with our local law enforcement agencies, courts, and district attorney's office, community corrections is committed to actively participate with the community in providing creative public safety strategies.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance public safety through proven strategies aimed at preventing future criminal behavior, emphasizing community and victim reparation through collaborative partnerships.

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Jayson Greer      Lili Frank        Buddy Kness      Rachel Fredrick      Zach Hall                        
Community        Office Mngr.    Crew                    Lead Adult              Adult Parole
Justice                 and                    Supervisor          Parole and               and Probation   
Director               Community                                  Probation                 Probation
                              Service Work                                Officer                      Officer

513 Center Street
Lakeview, Oregon 97630
Telephone: (541) 947-6056   
FAX: (541) 947-5717