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Lake County Planning Department

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Darwin Johnson Jr.
Planning Director
513 Center Street
Lakeview, Oregon 97630
Fax: (541)947-2144

The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17, 2021 and will be by call-in dialing the number 877-411-9748, access code 8038540, or by video conference by request. You may attend in person at the County Courthouse at 513 Center Street, Lakeview, Oregon. The meeting will start promptly at 6pm, but there will be a work session that starts at 4:30pm as well. If you have any questions please email me at above link.  All application materials and staff reports will be available prior to the hearing, request a copy by email at the above link.

Applications being reviewed on the 17th of August are:
File 21-038-CUP (Boring - Non-Farm Dwelling)
File 21-042-PAR (Hale - Partition)
File 21-045-PAR (Chiono - Partition)
File 21-049-CUP (Boge - Non-Farm Dwelling)
File 21-056-CUP (Mason - Campground)
File 21-057-CUP (Hildreth - Non-Farm Dwelling)
File 21-052-CUP 21-053-CP and 21-054-VAR (Blue Marmot IX - PV Solar, with Goal Exception, and Variance, see Application)

The Lake County Planning Departments responsibilities include the preparation and maintenance of the County's Land Use Plan, processing requests for special district annexations, county road naming and vacations, and the administration and implementation of zoning ordinances.  Our Planning Department works to provide needed information and technical assistance and provides assistance to the Lake County Planning Commission and the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

2021 Planning Commission Schedule 
2020 Planning Commission Schedule

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The Planning Department is located on the main floor of the Courthouse, Room 215. 

If you are attempting to develop land in Lake County, please see the following information list:

Developing Land In Lake County

Lake County, including the Town of Lakeview and City of Paisley have completed updating our "Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP), which has been approved by the OEM and FEMA:

Lake County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan - July 2020

The following link is for copies of the Tax Assessor's Maps in PDF form.

 The following is the GIS Online App:

New GIS Online Application (provided in contract by Harney County)

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